Human rights policy


§ 1. Purpose and sources The AVANT Factory recognizes compliance with human rights as its obligation, it is a fundamental value in its activities. This policy is based on the principles set out in: – the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948, – the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights of 1966, constituting the International Charter of Human Rights, – the Declaration of the International Labor Organization on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. 2. The aim of the human rights policy at the AVANT Factory is to promote and protect human rights through training, conducting periodic examinations and implementing corrective actions.

§ 2. Scope of regulations 1. The AVANT Factory undertakes to respect the human rights of its employees and undertakes to take care of and respect these rights. Each employee of the AVANT Factory, regardless of the form of employment and regardless of the position held, is obliged to read this policy, comply with its rules while performing work or performing a specific function, and to report situations violating human rights. Due to the development of the AVANT Factory, we feel obliged to promote ethics and want to join the world’s leaders in terms of business responsibility, respect for human rights and environmental protection. We expect our contractors, suppliers, subcontractors and clients to comply with Human Rights based on this document.

§ 3. Principles The policy of respect for human rights is based on the following principles:
1. RESPECT FOR PERSONAL DIGNITY The AVANT factory is obliged to respect the dignity and other personal rights of every employee and business partner, regardless of race, skin color, gender, language, religion, political or any other opinions, national or social origin, property, birth or any other situation. The factory does not allow hostile behavior such as intimidation, harassment, molestation or behavior indicating mobbing. The Company does not tolerate any hostile behavior, including in particular intimidation or harassment, or any behavior that may constitute mobbing or harassment.

2. PREVENTING DISCRIMINATION The factory conducts a policy of equal treatment in employment, the aim of which is to create a work environment free from discrimination. At the AVANT Factory, actions resulting from differences related to: race, gender, sexual orientation, age, appearance, religion, disability, national, ethnic or social origin, and political beliefs are prohibited. At each management level, talks are held with employees to educate them about equal rights and raise awareness of the problems of discrimination and mobbing. The company ensures that only criteria related to experience, competences and employee commitment are taken into account when assessing an employee.

3.1 Employees will be provided with a safe and hygienic working environment, consistent with the current state of knowledge in a given industry and taking into account possible threats. Appropriate actions will be taken to prevent accidents and damage to health as a result of, in connection with or during work, by reducing the causes of hazards occurring in the work environment as far as possible.
3.2 Employees will receive regular documented occupational health and safety training; such training will be conducted again for new and transferred employees.
3.3 Access to clean toilets and drinking water and, where necessary, hygienic food storage facilities will be provided.
3.4 Accommodation, if provided, must be clean and safe and meet workers’ basic needs.
3.5 A company that complies with the Code will make a senior management representative responsible for occupational health and safety.
4.1 Wages and benefits for a standard working week meet at least the requirements of national legal standards or comparative industry standards, whichever is higher. Regardless, the salary should always be sufficient to meet basic needs and provide some surplus.
4.2 All employees will be made aware, in writing and in an understandable form, of their terms of employment relating to pay: prior to the commencement of employment and in relation to pay details for the relevant period, at each payment.
4.3 Deductions from pay as a disciplinary measure will not be permitted; nor will any deductions from wages not provided for by national law be permitted without the express consent of the employee concerned. Any disciplinary measures should be documented.
5.1 Employees have b